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Financial Market Analysis Tool

Financial Market Analysis Tool

Main features:

  • Financial markets real-time tracking
  • Interactive charting and trend analyses
  • Favorite lists

  • Prediction scenarios
  • Discussion board

The custom Financial Market Analysis Tool that we took a large part in implementing enables our client’s users to track financial market developments and trends in real-time, analyze emerging financial opportunities and make timely investment decisions. It tracks both US and International stocks, bonds, currency and futures markets. It is a powerful application that allows our client’s users to more effectively manage their investment portfolios. Users can view companies’ financial data on an interactive chart in daily / weekly / monthly / intraday modes. Also, by clicking on a particular point on the chart they can get company’s stock info at the corresponding time. Advanced features enable users to track charts, create favorite lists, annotations, share their prediction scenarios, have discussions with other users, etc.This Silverlight-powered web-based application provides very intuitive and user-friendly interface.

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