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Internet Assistant App

Internet Assistant App

Main Modules:

  • Service Management
  • SMS Extra
  • Account Management
  • 111 Online
  • Online SMS
  • Viva Cell MTS Bonus

  • User Management

Altacode Mobile development team has designed and developed native iOS and Android Apps resembling and integrated with web version of Viva-Cell MTS / Armenia Self Care Portal, In addition to mobile development, Altacode has also developed middle-tier back-end system interfacing with mobile Apps and Viva-Cell Self Care Portal internal DB’s and services via APIs.

Internet Assistant Mobile Apps will allow customers to manage services which are included in Self Care portal via their own smartphones. 

For this project Altacode has provided full-cycle custom software development services, ranging from requirements finalization, UI / UX design, through system architecture, development and QA.

Moreover, Altacode will be providing 3-year dedicated technical support for the maintenance, upgrade and updates of these Apps.

Android app   iOS app

Internet Assistant App
Internet Assistant App
Internet Assistant App
Internet Assistant App

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