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Mobile Car Wash

Mobile Car Wash

Main features:

  • User profile
  • Vehicle profile - My garage
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Location of nearby garage(s)
  • Online scheduling/ordering/cancellation
  • Order status management

  • Discount management
  • Online payments
  • Role-based user management
  • Admin / Operator tools
  • Order, service and location history
  • User / Operator messaging and alerting
  • Multi-site operations management

For one of our US partners we are developing Web Site and Administrative tool dedicated to automate ordering and scheduling of Mobile Car Wash services. The web site provides for on-line scheduling, ordering and management of car wash services. Integrated Google Map locates nearby locations. Such features as Built-in Calendar, My Garage, Alerts and Notifications, as well as Online Payments are supported. System is backed-up with admin tool for role-based user access, management and administration. Also it is possible to set up discount levels and discount types for single customers or customer groups. Multi-site management will be implemented, enabling to add new locations / service providers. Web site will be supplemented with iOS and Android apps for remote access.

URL: Mobile Car Wash (beta version)

Mobile Car Wash

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