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Stock Market Indicator

Stock Market Indicator

Main features:

  • Stock market indices
  • Daily stock changes charts
  • Ad-hoc queries and reports
  • Predefined lists and filters

Newsfeed Stock market indicator is an iPhone/iPad application that combines all the desired options for stock market analysis. This app’s slick charting and screening capabilities enable our client’s users to stay in touch with the latest changes in the market or do research while on the road. The app works with intraday data, providing users with the most up-to-date information. Users can search for companies, view their details, get latest news, create/edit favorite lists of companies. This app had both ad-hoc and predefined querying and reporting capabilities. Advanced search options allow to set filtering instructions, so that the system retrieves companies with specified data (e.g. companies with best or worst performance) etc.

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