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Web Publishing Tool

Web Publishing Tool

Main features:

  • Multimedia content management
  • Web publishing
  • Page & document templates

  • Advanced search
  • Authorization workflow
  • Centralized user management

Web publishing application is a back-end content management system which empowers our client’s public web portal with advanced content, document and user management functionalities. It provides for distributed multimedia content management, streamlining up-to-date knowledge sharing, collaboration and on-going information publishing on the web. Authorized users can create or upload documents, revise/edit the existing content, attach files to entries, publish docs / reports / diagrams / audio-video files. The system allows creating page and document templates. Users can also track required information and filter data through advanced search options. Admin module allows designated administrators to define user viewing / editing / accessing rights, approve data submitted into the portal, assign documents or feeds to users, and monitor the integrity of information. Users and user groups can be added, updated and assigned different levels of access rights. The documents in the system are classified under several sections to be maintained by administrators.

Web Publishing Tool

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